Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boys will be boys

A friend of ours once said that no matter where you go in the world boys will always be boys. While I agree with that it's also true that girls will always  be girls. Perhaps the picture will help explain what I mean. What we see here is a group of boys playing a popular game here. It is most closely related to hacky-sack but played with what looks like a small plastic squeeze box with feathers glued to one end. In the very back and mostly out is sight is a group all standing in a circle is a group of about six girls talking. In the foreground is a younger boy watching the older ones play and likely someone's mother watching the whole thing. So I guess no matter where you go everyone is still same. 

Shopping at a chơ

In Vietnam you can shop at a supermarket, on the street, or at a chơ. A chơ is a bunch of small stalls crammed together usually under some kind of roof or covering. Not only are the space between the rows of small stalls cramped but it is common to see people riding there motorbikes down them. Take a look.