Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gas mileage

What kind of gas mileage does a motor bike get these days?  

My bike has a 1 gallon tank. It gets about 120 miles per gallon. I fill it up once every ten days or so and it costs just shy of $4.00. Total gas bill for the month $12 to $15. Not to shabby. 

Nước mía

What is nước mía?  Nước means water or liquid and mía is sugar cane. So nước mía is sugar cane juice. It is a vey popular drink in South East Asia and many other areas. It is basically liquid unrefined sugar and it is delicious. Average cost for a glass 25 cents but you can find it for 15 cents.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drivers Test

I passed my drivers test. Here is how it all came about. 

Because I have a drivers license already I can transfer it here. First I had to get a medical exam (vision test, dental exam, etc) for $2.  Then I had to get my original license translated and notorized for $5.50. Then turn in all the paperwork to the transportation department and pay $17.50.  Because my license does not include a motorcycle license I still had to take the practical exam (I got out of the written test).  For the practical exam you have to ride a 50cc motorcycle (small) they provide in a really tight figure eight (the hardest part), then in a strait line for 20 feet, followed by a zig zag pattern, then over a series of bumps.  When you pass you go pick up your license in three weeks. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vietnamese Wedding

A good friend of ours was married yesterday.  Since he is from the states and his parents couldn't make it we were called on to represent his side of the family.  Does standing in for his parents officially make us old?  Anyway, here are some pictures you might enjoy.

The Kiss

The Rings

The Fireworks


In order to renew our Visa we took a quick (one night) trip to Cambodia.  We had a really good time with some friends who are there.  We had Mexican food and Pizza while there.  It was the first time having Mexican food on our trip because we hear it's not very good in Vietnam.  However our friends knew this place that did a good job.  We were not adventurous enough to try the crickets they eat there (see picture below).

Women carrying crickets (to eat) on there head

More Park Pictures

Here are some more pictures of parks and flowers.

Dog on Bike

You may wonder how the Vietnamese transport their dogs on the motorbikes.  Hopefully these pictures help.


Tet is Vietnamese Lunar New Years (started January 31st).  To picture it imagine everyone having a week long family reunion all at the same time.  It's taken very seriously here.  The shops shut down and they really do up the parks with tons of fresh flowers.  We took a trek to the Zoo (are second time there) which was really packed and spruced up.  Enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Becoming a Biker

The preferred method of transportation here in HCM is by xe máy (motor scooter).  So we have now become bikers.  Check out the bike.  It's a Honda Airblade.

The Vietnamese love to wrap everything in plastic to keep it new.  If something they buy comes with a plastic cover they just leave it on.  The even do this with their motor bikes.  When they go to sell it they just take the plastic off and it's like new.  So of course we followed suit.  Here is a couple pictures of it being done.