Friday, November 29, 2013

Week One

We made made it!

It took 18 hours of flying with a 3 hour layover but we made it.  We got in at 2 AM local time.  After dropping off a friend we arrived at our hotel at 3:30 AM.  The following is a general outline of how our week went.


Sleeping except for two hours where we rented a movie.  Then we crashed again.


We slept most of Friday too followed by another movie.  We're glad we brought food with us.


Meet up with a friend who has been here for a while in Downtown.  Walked around found a really nice big park where lots of locals hang out.  It's by the reunification palace.  Ate some Pho.  Walked around some more.  Spent time with our friend at a cafe.


Made lots of new friends.  When out for lunch with two nice couples.  Saw our first scooter crash (nothing too serious).


Spend all day wondering around looking for a place to rent.  Didn't find anything.  :-(  We did however start to get an idea about what Vietnamese housing standards are like and about how much it will cost.  We also meet up with our traveling friend and had lunch and then went to a cafe.  We walked by a really fancy spa place.


Played Settlers of Catan with friends


Looking for housing all day.  Didn't find anything.


Walked around near the zoo and ate at a Dim Sum place


Found a place we like.  Made an appointment to sign a contact next week.  Hurray!

Well that's been our week.